The Science of Digital Marketing

Creativity is essential. But creativity is no longer enough.

The Internet’s ability to track measurable results is empowering the new Scientific Marketing era.

Now, companies that only create without tracking and analyzing what gets the best results, especially at the level of personalization to their specific customers, do so at their own peril.

Kodak. Borders Books. Blockbuster Video. Taxis… These are just a few of the most visible victims of disruption and stagnation. More brands have been assassinated in smaller niches you’ve never heard of. And newish tech brands aren’t immune. Even big, fairly new brands like Yahoo and Twitter can falter.



Without frequent analysis, companies don’t improve. They stagnate doing the status quo. For a while, things seem OK.

They can’t even see their vulnerabilities because they’re still selling and retaining customers – things are good enough, right? They’re personally invested in the strategies, techniques and vendors who got them where they are now.

And who wants to change, anyway?

But eventually they’re overcome by the companies who use science to constantly improve.

Science + Creativity = Disruption

Up-to-date companies and agencies leverage data, optimization and insights to:

  • Target customers more accurately
  • Achieve shockingly high impact and
  • Increase efficiency.

They’ve internalized constant improvement.

They ultimately disrupt and destroy companies or industries that merely create without science.


Companies like Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Google have baked creativity AND science into their processes.

Therefore, the decision before you is clear…

Do You Want To Be Part Of The Future?

fit-process-2If you want to ride this powerful wave of innovation and insight, then let us help you take advantage of new tools and strategies that combine creativity and science like:

  1. Digital Customer Assessments
  2. Ideal Buyer Discovery
  3. Social Advertising
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Live Video
  6. Conversion Optimization & Split-Testing
  7. Multi-Channel Attribution Analytics

The seven innovations above are some of the most important fundamentals to success in 21st century marketing. Without them, you’re at a disadvantage.

With these new tools and strategies, you have the power to:

  • Achieve measurable marketing and sales results at higher levels than ever before
  • Understand, acquire and satisfy customers like never before
  • Create levels of customer delight that ensure loyalty and prevent defection

If you’re interested in securing the benefits of the Science of Digital Marketing for your company, we invite you to

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