I’m not a Facebook Guy… I’m a Results Guy

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I’m Not That Guy

A lot of people say, “Brian Carter. Oh, he’s that Facebook guy or that Facebook ad guy.” That’s sort of true right now, not really true, because in 2000, I was an SEO guy, in 2005 I was an ad words guy. In 2009, I was really big into Twitter. In 2011, I started getting in Facebook. Why is that?

Because I’m a results guy.

I’m getting results from Facebook, for myself and for my clients. I still do a lot of Google. We still do that for our clients as well.

Whatever there is that’s going to get results, that’s what I’m going to be into. I’m an online results guy.

It’s not just online either.

I mean, why did I get into stand up and why do I use a lot of comedy in my keynotes? Because it gets laughs, and those are results. I am a results guy.

That’s what I care about. I care about measurable, reliable results. Okay?

Facebook gets you results. You can measure it. You should measure it.

Get a Little Geeky

Make sure you track stuff. Watch what is happening. Find out what your customers like.

Use things like Facebook Audience Insights to analyze your email list:

  • Analyze your buyer lists, if you have the buyer emails.
  • Compare that to your lead list.
  • See what’s different about your buyers.

Use all these tools to find out who your customer is.

Create a whole bunch of ideas, see which ones your customers love and then get results.

That’s all I care about is results. Right?

I don’t care about Facebook. If Facebook stops getting results for my customers, I’m moving on.

I’m not a Facebook guy. I’m a results guy.