The Only Way Infographics Work With Facebook

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Are You Using Too Much Text?

Infographics used to be big, really big. Everybody used to want to create them. They’re big link bait for SEO. SEO has changed a lot. Facebook had become the king of content distribution in some ways, because so many people are on it, and because you can advertise and distribute your content and get it out to anybody that way. Problem with Facebook is that 20% text rule. Don’t be confused by the fact that it seems like they’ve relaxed it. They do allow you to use images now that have more than 20% text, but they won’t reach that many people. They really haven’t relaxed it. If you want reach, you can’t use more than 20% text.

Problem with infographics is that they are very text heavy. We’ve had some clients that the whole goal they had was to get people to see an infographic for education purposes. What we figured out was to create something that my wife, an amazing Facebook ad expert, Linda Harvey Carter, calls the infograph-let. That is to take parts of the infographic, make them only visual, and put some of the information that’s textual into the text part of the ad, not the image part of the ad. Then you put those out there. You can use that to still send people to the infographic as a link or website conversion ad; or you can just communicate that part of the infographic as a post, with a post promotion.

Don’t Make It TooMuch Work

If your one goal really is to get people to see it and you don’t care if they go to a specific URL, you can reach a lot more people that way. The thing is you’re always going to limit the number of people who see the infographic if you require them to click-through, because that percentage of click-through rate is never going to be that high. It’s never going to be as high as the percentage of people who saw the post. You’re giving them an extra step in order to see that infographic. The infograph left as a post that you’re promoting, they’re going to see it in the News Feed. More people will see it that way.

I recommend that. Think about your infographic as 6, 8, 10 different infograph-lets that you create. You could still have the infographic on your page, but on Facebook, you can get a ton of people to see that infograph-let or the 8 infograph-lets that are parts of your infographic as post promotions.