How to Get More Creative to Boost Your Profits

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What Kind of Ideas Do You Have? I’ve told you before that the more ideas you create, the more customers you can connect to. Why does GEICO have 25 different ad campaigns that are completely different from each other? Well, number one, it’s a commodity. It’s insurance, so they have to stand out, so they […]

The Only Way Infographics Work With Facebook

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Are You Using Too Much Text? Infographics used to be big, really big. Everybody used to want to create them. They’re big link bait for SEO. SEO has changed a lot. Facebook had become the king of content distribution in some ways, because so many people are on it, and because you can advertise and […]

How to Win at Marketing Both Now and in the Future

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Everything has changed. We’ve got social marketing. We’ve got Facebook marketing. We’ve got a lot of mobile changes. Finally, mobile is huge and a lot of Facebook ads, if you don’t choose specific desktop placements, like maybe 90% of your Facebook ads are going to show up on mobile. That’s a huge change so things […]

3 Reasons New Websites Fail at Launch

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We’ve done lead gen for dozens of companies in the last five years, mainly via Facebook ads (although we provide other services like AdWords and landing page and funnel creation, but Facebook is both hot and indispensable). We also provide feedback when they run into conversion issues…. because, of course, if their site isn’t converting at a minimum […]