5 Keys to Social Ad Lead Generation For Cloud Hosting & IT

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Not long after keynoting for Microsoft, I was contacted by a leader in a Microsoft team that helps their partner companies sell MS hosting services. They had me design a digital marketing training program for these partner companies. We also did a number of pilot programs with cloud hosting companies. For one of these, in 2013, we wrote a […]


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There’s nothing I hate more in social media than the lies and myths I see spread around… They make it more difficult for businesses and students to succeed. One of the social media lies I really hate is… “YOU HAVE TO USE POWER EDITOR FOR FACEBOOK ADS” This is not true at all. At least 90% of […]

Why Women Are Critical To Every Social Media Campaign

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It was interesting that even in the Facebook discussion of the Superbowl, the top three gender-age demographics were female. The Facebook campaign with the least commenting we’ve ever seen was for an action-sports-oriented page with 95% male fans. We had focused on building a completely male fanbase, since the client’s experience was that few women purchased their product. […]

Why Was This FB Post Shared 14,539 Times?

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Facebook old-timers [I’m looking at you Dennis, Barry and Jeremy!] remember when we got Facebook page likes for less than one cent apiece. Of course, that was before we all got cynical about the value of Facebook fans. Are they worthless? That’s another debate for another day- and my short opinion on that is that they […]

How To Write Copy & Content That Sells

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Successful digital marketers test a lot of ideas. Which means they come up with a lot of ideas. Then have the discipline to go through multiple tests. It requires both creativity and organization. Conversely, we’re pretty much screwed when we get writers block, only have bad ideas, or get seduced into writing for engagement rather than sales. […]

5 Best Practices That Drive Profits For Hosting Companies

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It’s been an interesting and successful 12 months working with Microsoft and its hosting partners! Thanks to the amazing Derrick Wheeler, I was honored to be the social media keynote speaker at Microsoft’s Internal SEO conference last year. Since then I’ve create an ebook (see image on the right- available only within the Microsoft Partner […]