The More Ideas You Test the More Likely You Win

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You’ve got to test more ideas in digital marketing and social media. Because if you only text one post or one post a day or one ad a week, you’re only going to discover so much stuff and you’re only create so much stuff and you’re only going to get a certain level of results. […]

Barnet Bain on Creativity [Audio Interview]

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Today our families, workplaces and relationships are being shaken by rapid change. Our guest, Barnet Bain, says we must learn to harness creativity to thrive in this new world. Barnet is an award-winning filmmaker, broadcaster, educator and author of “The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work” coming in July. […]

Whats Your B.S. Number?

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I don’t mean the B.S. you’re probably thinking of. But it’s kind of the same thing. I’ll come back to that. I mean: What’s your Brain Storm number? As in… How many things do you brainstorm when you’re creating? If you’re thinking up new blog post ideas, how many topics do you write out? And then for each of […]

How To Write Copy & Content That Sells

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Successful digital marketers test a lot of ideas. Which means they come up with a lot of ideas. Then have the discipline to go through multiple tests. It requires both creativity and organization. Conversely, we’re pretty much screwed when we get writers block, only have bad ideas, or get seduced into writing for engagement rather than sales. […]