Speakers, Authors & Consultants: Do It Marketing with David Newman [Video Interview]

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David Newman is a nationally-recognized marketing expert and author of the Amazon #1 bestseller “Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition.” David runs a marketing and training firm dedicated to helping speakers, consultants, and high-fee experts maximize their influence, impact and income. David’s instant-action marketing advice has […]

Is "Content Marketing" Really New?

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Content marketing is the hottest area in digital marketing right now. But what is it? “Marketing” is communication with the intent to persuade and bring about a sale. “Content marketing” is marketing that uses content to persuade. “Content” includes: Videos Blog posts eBooks Webinars Whitepapers Research reports Infographics Podcasts Slide decks “Content marketing” is the […]

The 5 Sales Funnel Mistakes 99% of Businesses Are Making

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If you sell online, or market for leads online, you definitely have a sales funnel. You may not know what your sales funnel is, but you have one. The question is: how effective is your funnel? When we map out a business’s funnels and assign numbers to them, they’re usually stunned by how many people drop out at each […]

How To Write Copy & Content That Sells

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Successful digital marketers test a lot of ideas. Which means they come up with a lot of ideas. Then have the discipline to go through multiple tests. It requires both creativity and organization. Conversely, we’re pretty much screwed when we get writers block, only have bad ideas, or get seduced into writing for engagement rather than sales. […]

The 5 Most Dangerous Mistakes You're Making With "Free Marketing" – And What To Do About Them

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Here Are The Top Five Reasons People Fail To Get Free Internet Marketing Results — And How To Make Sure YOU Avoid Every One Of These Deadly Common Mistakes We all want big Internet marketing results without paying for them. Don’t you want… Facebook likes, comments and shares– without buying Facebook Ads? Google traffic– without buying Google Ads? Twitter […]