5 Things Your Startup Needs To Know Before Facebook Advertising

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Nobody wants to learn the hard way. You want to get customers and prospects. Facebook ads is a very affordable, targeted, powerful way to do that. But you don’t want to waste your ad budget, right? Here are 5 things I’ve learned that most start-ups don’t understand before they starting Facebook advertising… 5 things that can […]

5 Ways Facebook Can Save An Entrepreneur From Business Failure

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The Top 2 Causes of Failure for Entrepreneurs Are… Lack Of Funding: If you don’t have enough running capital for 3-6 months of startup, you’ll probably go out of business before you’re profitable. Lack Of Sales: If not enough people are buying from you to keep going, you’ll have to shut down. You need money, honey. […]

Business Building Live Interview with Jay Baer

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In this second episode of my series interviewing entrepreneurs, I am very excited to present Jay Baer. You probably have heard of him. He’s super smart and does everything with the highest quality and taste. Jay started five multi-million dollar businesses from scratch. He’s an acclaimed keynote speaker, entrepreneur, technology investor, social media and digital […]

Business Building Video Interview with Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner

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You’ve heard of Social Media Examiner and the Social Media Marketing World conference? Michael Stelzner launched Social Media Examiner in October of 2009 and it has exploded. Last year more than 7.5 million visited the site, and they email tips daily to more than 230,000 people. Mike is also the author of two books (Launch […]