The Ad Type You Can’t Afford to Ignore Is?

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Stop With The Slingshot Marketing If you know anything about me, you know I love advertising. Why? It’s instant, targeted visibility, probably to your best ideal customer. That’s huge right. You don’t want to waste time putting stuff out there. You don’t know who’s going to see it, how many people are going to see […]

How to Win at Marketing Both Now and in the Future

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Everything has changed. We’ve got social marketing. We’ve got Facebook marketing. We’ve got a lot of mobile changes. Finally, mobile is huge and a lot of Facebook ads, if you don’t choose specific desktop placements, like maybe 90% of your Facebook ads are going to show up on mobile. That’s a huge change so things […]

Why You Aren't Getting the Facebook Video Ad Results You Want

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Facebook video is huge- Facebook reported seeing 100 million hours of daily video watch time near the end of 2015. And with the newer “related videos feature,” where people are automatically served another video after their current one, you can bet video views have grown dramatically from there. There are a lot of Facebook video options: Facebook Live Facebook video […]

How Facebook Cut This Company's Cost Per Customer by 60%

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This is the first case study interview in the relaunch of my podcast. And yes, a lot of my podcasts start as videos. 🙂 Real companies, real campaigns, real results. One of the biggest problems we struggle with these days is an overwhelm – too much information, too many ideas, too many platforms, too many strategies. What […]

The More Ideas You Test the More Likely You Win

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You’ve got to test more ideas in digital marketing and social media. Because if you only text one post or one post a day or one ad a week, you’re only going to discover so much stuff and you’re only create so much stuff and you’re only going to get a certain level of results. […]