Facebook Ads Will Grow Your Business

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If you know anything about me, you know I love advertising. Why? It’s instant, targeted visibility, probably to your best ideal customer. That’s huge, right? You don’t want to waste time putting great content out there if you don’t know who’s going to see it, how many people are going to see it, when if ever they’ll […]

The #1 Reason Your Facebook Ads Aren't Converting

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Are you running Facebook ads and sending traffic to your website or e-commerce store or squeeze pages but not getting leads or sales or newsletter signups? If your Facebook ads aren’t getting leads or sales, the real problem may be very, very simple. It’s tempting to think: “Facebook ads don’t work!” “People don’t like what I’m offering!” […]

Content Marketing World: Facebook Advertising Lead Generation and Content that Sells

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Want to hack your customer’s brain, create content that sells, and get affordable, high-quality leads from Facebook? Want to harness the power of Facebook ads and content marketing to boost not just leads but also your LEAD QUALITY and SALES? I’ll be teaching a special in-depth 3.5 hour WORKSHOP on September 6th at Content Marketing […]

Why Likable Ads Cost 10x Less on Facebook

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Facebook lowers your ad price the more people LIKE it. You get 10x the exposure from likable ads compared to unlikable ads. Why? Facebook charges you less for likable ads because they need to keep their users. Unlikable ads could make users leave Facebook. Here’s a dog post that reached a million people for $400. Why a […]