PODCAST: Video Tips, Comedy and "Picking People's Brains"

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One of my best friends in the marketing world, Jason Miller… A man I’ve been on cruises with (yeah I guess we’re old?) A man I’ve studied VIRAL FACEBOOK MARKETING with (we did a landmark ebook called Contagious Content that guided over 100,000 marketers in how to create Facebook posts that get more shares) A […]

Humor at Work with Andrew Tarvin [Video Interview]

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Andrew Tarvin is a Humor Engineer at Humor That Works. He teaches people how to enjoy their jobs more while doing them better. Andrew has worked with thousands of people from 100+ organizations, including P&G, GE, and Microsoft, on topics ranging from mastering office communication to humor in the workplace.

The Humor Code with Peter McGraw [Video Interview]

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Dr. Peter McGraw (@PeterMcGraw) is an associate professor of marketing and psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is an expert in the fields of emotions and behavioral economics, with a focus on consumer behavior and public policy. McGraw directs the Humor Research Lab (HuRL) and recently co-authored The Humor Code: A Global Search […]

Podcast: The Shocking Truth About B2B Facebook Marketing

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Always alotta (I say that’s a word) FUN to be on Kathy’s podcast! Because she’s another business mind who loves to do improv. Therefore, this will both fill your cranium with small explosions of insight AND entertain your limbic system- let’s just say it’ll make your limbic system do “the limbo”. Why Is Facebook A No-Brainer For […]

The 13 Funniest Space Cats In History From The Future

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1. Creepiest Space Cat Ever 2. PB&K 3. Meow Money (Co-starring Daman Wayans) 4. Geshneezheidt 5. Fancy Beast 6. John Lion 7. Culturally Insensitive Cats 8. First World Problems On Cat Beach 9. Deep Thoughts With Cat Handey 10. Catkin Kirk 11. Bohemian Catnapsody 12. Skrittenex 1. Meow Armstrong, Nap In Peace, AFAWK You’re Meowcome.