Russell Brunson: Attractive Character & Seinfeld Emails [Video Interview, StoryDNA]

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Kathy Klotz-Guest and I interviewed Russell not only because he’s probably the best online direct marketer I know, not only because ClickFunnels is a killer platform for getting online results, but because in his new book DotComSecrets, he talks about a couple great storytelling concepts, the Attractive Character, and the Seinfeld Daily Emails.

Without This, Your Content Marketing Is Worthless

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Well, to be more accurate, it should be “Without this, your content is wasted.” But I’ll tell you why I titled the blog post that way: sometimes, when people are thinking about creating content, they forget a really important part of marketing. They may not forget about persuading people. Or knowing their audience part. Or utility. Or […]

Why B2B Facebook Ads Beat LinkedIn Ads Every Time

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Some people have it wrong. You- savvy reader- probably already know this, though, right? 🙂 “Facebook doesn’t work for B2B. It’s for B2C,” people say. “Users aren’t on there for work.” Correct, they are on there to be distracted. “I’m bored,” they say. “Show me something awesome!” If that awesome thing you show them happens to help with their […]

The 5 Sales Funnel Mistakes 99% of Businesses Are Making

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If you sell online, or market for leads online, you definitely have a sales funnel. You may not know what your sales funnel is, but you have one. The question is: how effective is your funnel? When we map out a business’s funnels and assign numbers to them, they’re usually stunned by how many people drop out at each […]

5 Ways Facebook Can Save An Entrepreneur From Business Failure

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The Top 2 Causes of Failure for Entrepreneurs Are… Lack Of Funding: If you don’t have enough running capital for 3-6 months of startup, you’ll probably go out of business before you’re profitable. Lack Of Sales: If not enough people are buying from you to keep going, you’ll have to shut down. You need money, honey. […]

How To Get More Customer Referrals With Facebook

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Here’s a clever way to boost your sales by getting more recommendations to prospects from your current customers… The research tells us that recommendations from friends are one of the most persuasive sales strategies out there. Think about it in your own life: are you more likely to check out a new make of car because some Brian […]

7 Lessons Dogs Taught Me About Social Media & Internet Marketing

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I don’t think people are dogs. But we do share some similar cognitive patterns. So, yes you can learn to be a better marketer from your dog. And hey, maybe just maybe if your business relationships are crazy, you should get a dog and learn something! 1. Watch & Adjust Dogs have a ten-second long memory. […]