LinkedIn Marketing with Viveka Von Rosen

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Viveka took time out from living in the Matrix to speak to me about LinkedIn. It was fun and we talked about some super cool tips for LinkedIn marketing. Viveka is the author of best-selling: LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day & contributing author (expert) to The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn. She helps entrepreneurs, […]

35 Facebook Profit Tips UPDATED for 2016

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REVIEWED & UPDATED JANUARY 2, 2016- None of the previous tips expired in value or relevance. I’ve added a few new bonus tips at the end for 2016. This post was originally written in June 2015. And some of these tips have been true since I started teaching Facebook marketing in 2011. I wrote this […]

10 Social Marketing Strategies You Shouldn't Waste Your Time On

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LAST UPDATED 1/13/2016 Getting the best possible marketing results is not only about doing the most effective things. It’s also about not wasting time on the least effective things. You can’t get great digital marketing results if you’re always try to do EVERYTHING. To be effective in digital marketing you have to BE PICKY about which things you do. Digital marketing and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Meeting Planners

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Do you work on meetings, conferences, conventions, trade shows and exhibitions? You could dramatically improve your event results and exceed your event goals by leveraging more effective social media strategies. If you want bigger results at your events, follow these tips! In this post I’ll tell you how to use social media to: Get more people to register for your event […]

Why Women Are Critical To Every Social Media Campaign

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It was interesting that even in the Facebook discussion of the Superbowl, the top three gender-age demographics were female. The Facebook campaign with the least commenting we’ve ever seen was for an action-sports-oriented page with 95% male fans. We had focused on building a completely male fanbase, since the client’s experience was that few women purchased their product. […]

Why Was This FB Post Shared 14,539 Times?

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Facebook old-timers [I’m looking at you Dennis, Barry and Jeremy!] remember when we got Facebook page likes for less than one cent apiece. Of course, that was before we all got cynical about the value of Facebook fans. Are they worthless? That’s another debate for another day- and my short opinion on that is that they […]

How To Get More Customer Referrals With Facebook

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Here’s a clever way to boost your sales by getting more recommendations to prospects from your current customers… The research tells us that recommendations from friends are one of the most persuasive sales strategies out there. Think about it in your own life: are you more likely to check out a new make of car because some Brian […]