12 Influencers Answer: “What’s The Biggest Social Marketing Trend That Will Change Business in 2017?”

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We recently asked a select group of social media thought leaders a few questions, and the first one was: “What is the biggest trend you see in social marketing right now?” These are their answers: “People are posting less. I think there is a settling of posts. Everyone ran to the social gold rush and […]

How to Win at Marketing Both Now and in the Future

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Everything has changed. We’ve got social marketing. We’ve got Facebook marketing. We’ve got a lot of mobile changes. Finally, mobile is huge and a lot of Facebook ads, if you don’t choose specific desktop placements, like maybe 90% of your Facebook ads are going to show up on mobile. That’s a huge change so things […]

Are You a "Checkbox" Marketer?

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Are you thinking about your marketing primarily in terms of getting it done? …creating social posts, ads, images, podcasts, blog posts…? …then putting it out there? …then you feel like you’re done? If so, you might be a checkbox marketer. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting things done. Obviously you’re not going to be very successful if you can’t […]

How The Future is Destroying Your Future

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This post began as a podcast… feel free to just listen, or both listen AND read along! I’ve added a few more things in the text and there are some cool pictures… You know what’s funny… funny-weird? Is that when you’re an expert, people are always asking you for your predictions. Especially around the end of the […]

RANT + PODCAST: "Do Whatever It Takes"

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This is a blog post that began as a podcast- feel free to listen instead, or listen AND read along below. Today, I want to talk to you about something I think is really important for success for business and something we see all the time with marketing. You have to be willing to do whatever it […]

Robert Rose from Content Marketing Institute [Video Interview, StoryDNA] with Kathy Klotz-Guest

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Kathy Klotz-Guest and I interview Robert Rose, the Chief Strategist for the Content Marketing Institute. He has a background in the entertainment biz, then the whole Silicon Valley startup thang… with an emphasis on great storytelling as a competitive advantage. AND… Robert is the author of The Seventh Era of Marketing.  

Heroes at Work: The Hero's Journey as a Career Parable for Life Hacking (Video Interview Panel)

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Three smartie-pants (Michael Margolis, Kathy Klotz-Guest and Brian Carter) discuss: How can you get further in your career? Do you have a mentor? Also, if you’re a consultants and coaches, how you can mentors heroes. Why might you not be able to reach people with the magical elixir you’ve discovered during your career adventure? Who should you take your […]