Why One Kind of Facebook Ad Isn’t Enough

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It Takes More Than Just One

You got to run more than one kind of Facebook ad. Why is that?

If you’re only boosting posts, you’re only going to get engagement.

You know, every type of Facebook ad (and there are thirteen types) has an objective and when you choose that objective, you tell Facebook who to show it to and what you want. If you’re only boosting, you’re telling them all you care about is Likes, Comments, and Shares. You may not realize that. You’ve strategically chosen to only get Likes, Comments, and Shares.

You’re not going to get a lot of clicks to your website.

You’re not going to get a lot of conversions because what happens is Facebook knows, of all the people you’ve targeted which ones like to interact with posts, which ones like to watch videos, which ones like to click to websites, and which of those like to fill out forms and convert on websites and buy stuff.

What Is Your Goal?

But when you choose that Facebook ad type, you’re telling Facebook, “Hey, of all those people I targeted … Maybe I targeted a million people that like horses or a million people that like those tasty videos that show you how to make food, right? Of all those people I targeted, I chose video views so Facebook’s going to show it to the people who watch a lot of videos. It’s not going to show it to the ones that fill out forms and buy stuff on websites but if I target those people with a website conversion ad, they’re going to show it to the subset of those people who convert on websites, okay?

If I only boosted my post or I went in and I created a post for motion ad, it’s going to show it to the subset of my target audience that like to interact with posts and I’m going to get Likes, Comments, and Shares.

What does that mean? Number one, you have to choose the right kind of ad and in order to do that, you have to be an ad manager, power editor. You can’t just boost posts, okay? Number two, you’re going to need multiple campaigns and multiple ads because once you’ve identified your ideal customer and how to target them on Facebook, you can’t just run one type of ad. You probably don’t have just one objective, right?

Like if I say my ideal customer is maybe meeting planners, I want to get more key-note speeches, well, I need to show them videos. I need to get them to fill out forms and, you know, I want them to interact with my posts so I’m going to need there different ads, three different campaigns, okay?

So figure out who your ideal customer is through something like Facebook audience insights and analyzing your emails and all that kind of stuff. You know, you have different ad sets for your different target customers.

Try It Again, Again and Again

You’re going to need multiple campaigns and multiple ads. Don’t just run one kind of ad and don’t just boost your posts. You’re going to run multiple types of ads to your ideal customer, okay?

Then that way, you’re going to reach more of them, you’re going to get more objectives met, and your Swiss Army knife of a Facebook ad campaign is going to be more effective. All right.