12 Influencers Answer: “What’s The Biggest Social Marketing Trend That Will Change Business in 2017?”

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We recently asked a select group of social media thought leaders a few questions, and the first one was: “What is the biggest trend you see in social marketing right now?” These are their answers: “People are posting less. I think there is a settling of posts. Everyone ran to the social gold rush and […]

How to Get More Creative to Boost Your Profits

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What Kind of Ideas Do You Have? I’ve told you before that the more ideas you create, the more customers you can connect to. Why does GEICO have 25 different ad campaigns that are completely different from each other? Well, number one, it’s a commodity. It’s insurance, so they have to stand out, so they […]

Is Your Brand Killing Your Online Sales?

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Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit for emphasis. Again. ­čÖé But there is a situation where trying to stay on brand and portray one perfect image to the world can keep you out of step with the top performers and behind the curve on modern marketing. You see, I don’t know if you realize this or […]