12 Influencers Answer: “What’s The Biggest Social Marketing Trend That Will Change Business in 2017?”

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We recently asked a select group of social media thought leaders a few questions, and the first one was:

“What is the biggest trend you see in social marketing right now?”

These are their answers:

“People are posting less. I think there is a settling of posts. Everyone ran to the social gold rush and social ground is evening out.”
Bryan Kramer
Pure Matter

“Video marketing, Facebook, VR and 360.”
Chris Voss
The Chris Voss Show

“The biggest trend at the moment is the growth in recorded and live video. It’s a big trend but it’s not easy to produce engaging video content and the majority of brands/people will have a lot of difficulty in this area. If I look at my newsfeed on a mobile device there is far too much poor quality video content, so I see a better mix of video/imagery/text going forward until video’s produced get better!”
Ian Cleary
Razor Social

Influencer marketing, content marketing and video are what’s on people’s minds and in their budgets. Since Facebook advertising is the most affordable ad platform with the best targeting after Google, people are still adopting it and trying to figure it out. Live video is getting a lot of attention, but there are significant obstacles: being interesting enough, long enough.  Who at the brand should be their live video person? Plus, analytics: you might have 1,000 people watch a live video, but how long did each person watch for? What part of the message did they see? The analytics aren’t great. With edited video, you can plan it and think about it and cut out the boring stuff- make it more concentrated, and get clear metrics. For now, edited video may be more powerful than live video for marketing results.”
Brian Carter
The Brian Carter Group

“The biggest trend in social media marketing is content curation but the majority of businesses and their social media account manager are doing it wrong which may jeopardize their website’s SEO.”
Maria Johnsen
Golden Way Media

“I think live video is a huge trend.”
Michael Stelzner
Social Media Examiner

“Content as a paid media channel.”
Mitch Joel

“We’re in the early adopter phase of live video marketing. With Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Instagram Live, and soon, Snapchat Live (my prediction), social media marketers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on reaching targeted audiences rapidly and effectively. The smartest marketers will be part of the live video revolution before their competition, leaving them scratching their heads wondering what happened.”
Joel Comm

“Strengthening ties with customers at every stage of their buying decision. No longer scattershot social media marketing, brands will focus on creating a seamless and tailored experience that’s grounded in empathy.”
– Rebekah Radice
Post Planner

“Videos! Live video, interactive video, and more videos! Videos! Videos!”
– Sandi Krakowski
A Real Change International, Inc.

“Live Raw Authentic Video.”
Sue B. Zimmerman
Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprise

“Live video. All the major social networks are racing to gather those eyeballs. As @GaryVee has always said, “Eyeballs are monetizable.” Yes, live video has been around for awhile now. But, the pressure is really building for marketers to embrace the technology… or be left behind.”
Mari Smith

Did you see a clear winner?

We did: video. 75% of our 12 panelists went for video, with an emphasis on live video. And none of the answers of the other four actually exclude video.

Some within Facebook predict the newsfeed may be primarily video content within 5 years.

There’s no question that if your brand is not comfortable creating video, you need turn that around immediately!