Facebook vs Snapchat: This Shocking Video Will Skyrocket Your Social Media Marketing Results

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Why is Facebook Marketing Such a Big Deal?

I’m going to talk to you a little bit about Snapchat, Instagram and some other things in a minute.

But why is Facebook such a big deal?

  • Well, there’s 1.7 billion Facebook users in the world. Now there are over 7 billion people in the world. But only about 2.3 billion have Internet and of there is 1.7 billion are on Facebook. Now, Facebook is sending up gliders and balloons and things like that to get more people on the Internet. Mainly, to get them on Facebook which is really smart. But a majority of them on Facebook and in the U.S. a hundred and ninety three million are on Facebook. Now you are supposed to be thirteen to be on Facebook and 70% of these are over thirteen are on Facebook. Now this is a little bit crazy.

I’ve combined some things here. New York Times, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And what we’ve come up with is that the average person in the U.S. is spending 50 minutes on Facebook a day. The average American spending 17 minutes on YouTube, 2 minutes on LinkedIn and 1 minute on Twitter.

There’s only two things Americans do more than Facebook with their leisure time and that is

  • Eating and drinking 67 minutes a day and
  • T.V. and movies a 128 minutes a day.

We’re still really fascinated by T.V. and movies. Why is that? It’s storytelling- Hollywood is very good at it. Better than the average Facebook live person- which is a very important point if you going to do Facebook live video.

The other thing is interesting here is that we socialize more on Facebook than we do in person. We only socialize for 38 minutes a day in person.

But it’s very important to look at this Youtube 17, a third as many as Facebook and Twitter is a fiftieth and Linkedin is a twenty-fifth as much time.

If you look at Social Media Examiner’s surveys, marketers will say “If I could only choose one platform to market on…” most of them choose Facebook.

  • A third as many choose Linkedin.
  • 12% choose Twitter. And it goes way down from there.
  • Only 4% chose Instagram.
  • Snapchat is very small, it’s 1% or less.

Now over 50% of our internet time is spent with smartphone apps.

So we’re accessing internet through smart phone apps. And Facebook Instagram or Twitter are the top five smart phone apps.

So, these two are very, very powerful and you can advertise and get engagement, get more exposure on both of them through Facebook ads. This is important because if you want to look at what young people are doing, they are about equally present on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat are equal.

Snapchat, was the number one most downloaded smartphone apps in 2016. That does not mean that people spend the most time on Snapchat. It doesn’t mean it’s the easiest to market on. In fact, it’s much more difficult to market on and the research and surveys that I’ve seen show that the average teen or college person that’s using Instagram or Snapchat is using it just to talk to their friends in small networking private ways not to market on. So, yeah there’s Snapchat stories and there’s Instagram stories. Those are for marketers and that’s not the common way that a young person is using Instagram or Snapchat.

And Snapchat advertising is not available to everybody. It’s available to ESPN and big big brands. If you as the average business person want to market on Snapchat, you have to do it organically which is very, very challenging.

The Problem with New Platforms

I think people are constantly wondering, “There’s all this new stuff!” There’s Facebook live, there’s Instagram stories. Not to mention you know there is Snapchat Meerkat, Periscope, Ello, Blob, all of these new platforms. There’s always something new and there’s a group of social media gurus or thought leaders that get excited about the latest thing. And they want to ride the excitement that comes with the new thing.

Blab is a great example of this because the number of people got very excited about this Blab video platform and some of them said Blab was going to be the one most important social media platforms of all of them, within the next year- how could they make that prediction? I have no idea. Based on what? Blab was a small company, it’s a start up. A new start up small company that made the decision to shut down a year or so after starting and they made their users very unhappy. And all of the thought leaders that committed to work in that community and trying out Blab spent a lot of time working and dealing with bugs and all that kind of stuff. The average small business shouldn’t have to deal with that.

The cutting edge is the bleeding edge. And they should not have to bleed with these small platforms that are unproven.

Okay. It is just not smart. If you’re a small business or medium-sized business you need to get an ROI on your time and your money. So, you need to lose things that are proven. Okay. Things that have been around the long time that are proven to work. The marketing you do, the money you spent, is proven to get results. So, the new or something else that once proven it is, there’s less chance that there’s a process that’s going to give you results. But there’s this new, there’s a stand out brand that makes us want to pay attention on new things. Shiny object syndrome can be very distracting, right? When you did pay attention on what’s new, so you know what’s out there, so the one not missing out, there’s a fear of missing out but jumping on a new thing can be distracting, it can be a waste of time. Okay.

Grandmas, Babies and Immature Platforms

This is my grandma who is 103 in this picture and my nephew who’s 0. They were born the same day of the year February 26, a hundred years apart.

What most people think about baby is that they are not useful, right? Babies cannot walk without falling down. They cannot eat without spitting it out. They cannot drive a car without getting in a huge highway accident… Because if you let your baby adapt a car to own it’s dangerous, right? If you adopt a new technology to early, it could be a waste of time, it could be dangerous. I adopted the personal computer when I was 9- I got this thing trying to program on it. In order to program you had to save the program on to a cassette tape. That was weird. I didn’t really know how to program back then. It was like basic programming language. I tried to save on the tape and reload the program from the tape back to the computer and didn’t work.

Look at this it’s not even a a TRS-80 it’s a TRS-50 or something- what is that? That was a waste of time clearly I didn’t have much going on in my life. I adopted the computer too early, I was not ready, it was a waste of time. Probably okay for me because I had a lot of time to waste. But you know if you’re running your business you have to adapt things on time. Right. If you got on Facebook in 2008 for business, it was too early because it was just college students. There was no ad platform. But if you waited till 2010, by then not only there was an ad platform but all of the students, moms jump on. The moms that are 25 to 55 year old female that everybody wants to market to. Who controls the purchase decision of the entire family. That’s 2010 was the time to jump on, right? MySpace, to jump on in there now is too late, if there ever was a good time. They say it’s good for band, but I’d still say probably your band is still better off than Facebook. Because everybody is there and there’s a great advertising platform.

So, the question is…

Which Social or Marketing Platforms Should You Adopt and When Should You Adopt Them?

I developed this three-step checklist.

  1. Is the platform used by a majority of the prospects? Right. Because if 50% or more of the prospects don’t use it, then you should probably be looking in to another platform right to see if there’s something else that more people are on to 80-20 you want to spend 80% of your time on the 20% of things. It’s going to give you 80% of results, so look for platform like Facebook or Google or something maybe it’s Twitter, maybe it’s Linkedin that are majority of prospects are on. Okay.
  2. And then, is there an ad platform? Very important. Because organic social, you don’t know who it’s going to reach. It’s going to reach your ideal customer. When it’s going to reach him? How many of them is going to reached? Viral is very hard to achieve. There are few people do it even though these books like The Tipping Point and Contagious come out. Despite this best seller status they had achieved, how many people have read these books and then gone on to create viral successes?

    I haven’t heard of there are many so. Organic is very difficult. You have to be a genius every time to get great results with organic. And how many people are geniuses every day? Yeah. Nobody, right? So, ads help a lot. Right. Ads get you in front of the right customer, right now, abd as many as you want. And that’s why advertising is important. Name a successful brand, a super successful brand and they advertise.

  3. And then does the ad platform, not every ad platform is as effective as the others, you know. Twitter’s ad platform is okay if it doesn’t have the time of features, right? Facebook ad platform has you know just hundreds of little ladders that you could pull and push and tons of different targeting criteria that you could test. So many different placements, and creative options, it’s so cool. Ad words has been around forever, very effective. LinkedIn has some issues, tough to get impressions. Tough to get visibility if you are not spending ten thousand bucks a month to get to spotlight ads.

So every ad platform has different levels of efficacy. You need to know if the ad platform works, right? Not all ad platforms is as effective as others. Those are your three stuffs right for your checklist. That means that you should not adopt every shiny new baby that comes down the road or every new platform that comes out. You just don’t have the time or money to deal them all. Even with a big company that has a big marketing department- you can devote in an entire person to figure out periscope, maybe can do that. An entire person to figure out Blab and then suddenly Blab goes out of business. You could have an entire person focus on exclusively on really good Facebook posts and status.

Before you adopt a new platform, figure out if it’s going to be able to drive you down the highway to success or give you a big highway accident, right? Invest in mature realities. Don’t gamble on premature possibilities.

The News vs. Googling Best Practices

Just go out there and Google “Snapchat ROI case studies” and see what you find. As opposed to “Facebook ROI Case Studies” or “Linkedin ad case studies”.

You’ll be able to be judge for yourself how effective these platforms are. So that’s it.

Don’t get so excited by the news, don’t get excited about “this platform is dying” or “millennials are doing this or that.” The news has to get you excited or they cease to exist. That’s their job. But the news is not a very good place to tell you what the best practices are.

If you want to know what the best practices are, you have to Google case studies. Get in the habit of Googling case studies!

That’s all I want to tell you in this blog post. And I hoped that it helps you figure out the kind of stuff that’s going to help you get more profits in your business.